How it works


Vacusport's field of application is the shorter rehabilitation after muscle injuries. This applies also to post operative care. As well as speedy post-match and training recovery.

Inside the tube alternating vacuum and high pressure is applied. These pressure changes dilate and compress the blood and lymphatic vessels in the human body. The induced shear forces stimulate endothilial and neuronal tissue.

Increases blood circulation, oxygenation and venous return. Simultaneous profound lymphatic drainage. The shear forces maintain or even increase capillarisation.

Vacusport is easy to use and self serviceable.

Inspired by space medicine

The technological, medical and scientific origin of the Vacusport Regeneration System is  space medicine. In the weightlessness of the orbit the astronauts have to undergo a negative pressure treatment in a LBNPD (Lower Body Negative Pressure Device) every ten hours to avoid orthostatic complications which can occur in space due to zero gravity ans an insifficient baroreflex.

The further development of the LBNPD is the VACUSPORT Regeneration System. The result is intermittent vacuum therapy – IVT.

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The field of application for VACUSPORT